Progress this week

Priority continues to be my Parent's end of the house - target finish date their Golden Wedding anniversary on 23 May. This week:

  • Fit shelves & boxing to the lounge cupboard
  • Tile the fireplace
  • A new idea for coving
  • The Oak Flooring (100 sq/m!) is delivered
  • Some reclaiming
First the lounge cupboard
Box in the water pipes
Make shelves from 12mm MDF
More boxing
and more shelves

Next tile the fireplace..

This is the easiest tiling job yet! Adhesive..
and tiles
Call for the grouter!
Job done!

Next we turn our attention to cracks.... I refer to the ones that appear between wall & ceiling in all new houses. You can not avoid them. We already have ours. Do we fill them & re-paint? Fit coving - which we don't like. Then we remember a house we used to visit regularly which had a unique (in our experience) way of solving this problem...

Architrave! We can stain it in keeping with the rest of the house (windows, doors, stairs, skirting and door architrave)
The kitchen before....
and after
It is also very cheap. 50m = £17

Finally the moment we have waited a long time for....the oak flooring arrives. Will we like it?

The oak has come 350 miles. 100 sq/m, or £4,500 or 1.3 tons - it is a lot of wood!
Also included was oil, brushes, wax, cleaner and all my Suffolk Latches & Bean Head cupboard handles.
But do we like it?
I lay a few on the floor and oil the one on the right. It is much darker than the samples we had. Bev thinks it is too dark, Mum likes it, I would have prefered it lighter. We shall lay Mum's - have a look and maybe sand ours. Always a problem ordering from a small sample.

Also this week...

I reclaim the rest of the wall lights from the old bungalow. They have been on the wall for 55 years! They need stripping, cleaning & re-wiring.
Worth the effort