Week82 - 5May 2003

Progress this week

Priority continues to be my Parent's end of the house - target finish date their Golden Wedding anniversary on 23 May. This week:

Another new trade learnt this week! Laying a wooden floor. This week I was working away Monday-Friday morning - I do occasionally have to go to my real job! My carpenter came late Friday to give me some instruction and Saturday morning I set to work. What you see below therefore took place only on Saturday and Sunday. You may be surprised....I was.

As ever, it is vital to start right. The first row must be straight regardless of the wall.
An expansion gap is required of 2.5mm/metre of floor all around the wall. This will be covered by the skirting.
Progress is then swift. The excess from the end is used to start the next row provied two joints are not side-by-side.
The boards are "secret" nailed through the tounge using special nails and a special tool which is invaluable/essential. Lent by my carpenter.
End of Day 1!
The remaining planks are laid but the last 3 rows are time consuming because they are close to the wall they must be drilled and maually nailed.
Last one fitted before Sunday Lunch!
Job done!
Next the planks must be oiled. Very simple. The oil is applied un-thinned with a large brush on a broom handle.
The change is dramatic!
A close-up shows the effects of the "brushing & burning" to give the aged effect.
If you are considering laying an oak floor - go for it! Mine was supplied by Broadleaf Timber - see Flooring