Week91 - 7Jul 2003

A very eventful week!

The week started as planned............

The final connections were made to the heat pump.
The two loops enter the house here
The engineer (Dean) from Ice Energy commissioned the heat pump.

Meanwhile, above the ground loops, the carnage at the front of he house is transformed ready for seeding.
However, to avoid watering, we will not do so until later in the year.
It is an area of 360 sq/m!

Meanwhile, to cure the damp problem in the Basement, I re-route the ventilation from the Utility room...
through the rain water storage room...
to the store room.

Monday afternoon - Accident.

I had to go to a nearby town and on a quiet single carriageway road the car in front of me stopped sharply & unexpectedly without any indication of turning or stopping - that I can recall. This coincided we me glancing away from the road momentarily. I looked up and instantly knew a major impact was inevitable. My 3 week old Saab then performed exactly as intended. The air bags worked, the seat belts tightened, the Saab safe seat worked and the entire front of the car crumpled as the designer intended. After a short period (during which I suspect I had a little sleep!) I opened the door effortlessly and walked unscathed from the car. The other driver was also unharmed. The verdict is still awaited re whether or not it is repairable.

I developed a stiff neck later that the day which got worse overnight. Result? Three days off work - but not fit to work on the house either!

You just never know ................................

Next, ahead of schedule, the drive is completed!

The ground-workers decide to press-on and make good use of the fine (very hot) weather and complete the drive.

The loose surface is removed...
hardcore is added...
and rolled in.
Kerbs are laid where we join the footpath...
and finally it is tarred, stone added and rolled. Finished pictures and verdict next week!

After my three days recovering, I set to work laying the oak flooring in the Entrance Hall