Week92 - 14Jul 2003

A very quiet week:

Oak Flooring - its crunch time....

A tricky "chicken & egg" problem. The oak flooring can only be "secret nailed" through the tongue. So, having completed the hall I now have to contend with a return around the door. I have to measure the other side of the door, work backwards, and make sure it is straight. An hour and a half of measuring with a laser, checking and double checking. If it doesn't work I will have to introduce a complete break but I really want a seamless flow from the hall through the lounge....

Here is the problem. I must start back at the wall and end up meeting the plank from the hall precisely and straight..
the room is 7m long!
Having completed my planning - I must just now lay the oak and hope I have it right!
It's crunch time....
Perfect fit and straight! I am really chuffed!