Week95 - 4Aug 2003

Progress this week

All work this week is in the third bedroom

Boxing for the waste & ventilation pipes
the waste pipe must be sound insulated
and boxed in
Next the ventilation pipe in the corner of the room
I add some shelves to make use of the boxing...
and finally we paint them to match the walls.

Next I fit out the wardrobe

The lights and hanging rails are fitted
a short rail at 90 degs for the realy long items
and my (now standard) high and low rails

Finally, a shelf for the TV & Video

Two shelves for TV & Video surrounding the power & aerial sockets...
then a coat of white paint, fill the joints etc....
finally painted to match the walls.

Door problem

Basically, there are three types of doors:

We struggled to get internal doors with the look we wanted. We finally found some outside doors that were exactly what we were after. I was surprised however to learn (from my carpenter) that they were the weakest of the three types and the most likely to warp. We decided to take a chance. This may prove to be an expensive mistake....

A wardrobe door
Laura's en-suite door