Week97 - 18Aug 2003

Progress this week

First the Dining Room...

First some clearing up!
Now we can start decorating..
A bold colour!
but we love it!

Next the kitchen

We have felt ever since we had the wall with the oak beam built around the cooker that we had the beam fitted to high.

We therefore asked Derek, our bricklayer, what could be done.
no problem he says! Out comes the saw!
"Down two courses of bricks?"
we finally agree on three.
Next the gap in the wall is filled in
Two hours work and the job is done. We are really pleased.

Finally this week , our much beloved Scottish Terrier Holly was taken seriously ill. After three days of the best treatment that she could get we were faced with the unenviable decision. She was put to sleep on Saturday 23rd August.

22 Sep 1991 - 23 Aug 2003