Week98 - 25Aug 2003

Progress this week

The Laundry Shoot!

Because our house is on 4 floors, we designed the structure to incorporate a laundry shoot to go from the 1st floor to the basement (the utility room). It has since become a major service route for the heating pipes, water pipes, ventilation ducts and wiring! I was worried that the remaining space might not be big enough for the laundry shoot. In the event the internal dimensions were 310x250mm. It took a day to build it and the first test drop was quite tense! In fact it works perfectly. Excluding my labour, it was also very cheap. The materials cost less than £30.

Back panel on the 1st floor...
Looking down 5.4m!
Back panel passing through the dining room..
the two sides are added
finally the front panel is attached.
The bottom of the shoot arrives in the basement..
and into the basket!

The Dining Room

Having completed the laundry shoot the final fixing of the dining room can proceed...

Next the shoot is boxed in...
painted and filled.
Next the waste pipe is boxed in...
painted and filled.

Next the Oak flooring can be laid

One of my favourite jobs...
good progress
one day's work and the job is 90% done
Next day the final planks are laid...
and the very last piece of concrete floor disappears
Next the oil.

Also this week...

Bev starts work on her snug..
and the internal grills are stained and fitted to the windows in the lounge and..
the kitchen.