Week9 - 10Dec 2001

A good week, digging finished, 1st concrete for the house laid, beams delivered, garage progresses....

A mini (1.5t) digger is required for the final part of the footings.
Over lunch I continue moving soil to within reach of the main digger. Non critical operations like this are within most people's capability, I would not attempt footings. Yet!
The Oak beams for the garage arrive 4 days ahead of the original delivery date quoted. The main beam is 200x220x15000 - moving it required a good deal of planning and ingenuity!
Bev says I am working the groundworkers too hard, I don't agree...
On the left a very significant event. 0909 Sat 15th Dec 2001, the 1st concrete for the house is laid.
What better birthday present could Bev wish for? I even let them stop for tea!
Back to work. This is a nominal 75mm screed of Gen4 concrete.
A DPM will be laid on top of this before steel-reinforced concrete footings of 350mm (to the top of the boards) will be laid.
11 sq/m laid by mid-day.
On the garage front: I make a temporary frame for the doors. I follow a tip from the carpenter. Build a strong frame. A weak frame will bow a little each time the brickies tap their bricks and the door then will not fit.
The gables are raised to the next scaffold-lift level.
I have opted to insulate the walls at first floor level just in case we wish to make the room habitable in the future. This would require planning approval.
Roof construction continues, the openings for the Velux windows are installed.

My local NHBC inspector has visited twice this week providing help and assistance above and beyond that which he is obligated to do. The decision to opt for NHBC insurance and Building Control looks, at this stage, to be very good one.

Next week